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noun: Codega; plural noun: Codegas

In Venice Italy, there was a profession for a man called a Codega who's life work was that of a  guide and a storyteller.  He was a person that a traveller would hire, to walk in front at night escorting them with a lit lantern through the streets.  HE would light up the way, warding off thieves, ghosts and demons.  The Codega would Bring you confidence and protection throughout your journey, he would remain with you until you safely arrived at your destination.

Codega, Shamanic Reiki

I'm here to offer my service to those that choose it, I can help and assist you on your life journey, obtaining the goal that your Higher Self has set. 

Like the Codega I will be Holding the light for you as you see your way, while keeping you safe and protected on your journey.

© 2014 by Codega Guiding Light

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